Federate on Demand

As the UK Member State provider of the Pan-EU “ID Hub” for the STORK projects, Trustis has extensive experience of ID Federation technologies, regulatory procedures and methods for large-scale citizen, business and employee identity verification. We apply this experience to Identity Management projects, small or large, to ensure the customer has their requirements met now and in the future.

Federate on Demand is a suite of cloud-based services that federate identity claims to enable authentication and authorisation between multiple Service Providers and Identity Providers.  It delivers a secure and cost-effective means of verifying individuals at the required level of assurance to enable access to multiple and often disparate data/services.

Federate on Demand’s ID Hub is deployed, when required, with our Attribute and Directory on Demand services to give the customer a “common platform” to manage users and their identity attributes to enrich authentication and authorisation processes.  Federate on Demand supports best practice standards for security, interoperability and trust, enabling organisations to be efficient and provide a simple interaction for users whilst mitigating data risk.