High Quality SSL Certificates exclusively for the NHS

Fast, efficient process

No online payment required

No difficult to obtain evidence needed

As a result of the acquisition of Trustis by Entrust Datacard, we are pleased to offer NHS SSL certificates from the Entrust Datacard SSL service. From a customer perspective, apart from applying through an Entrust Datacard enrolment portal, there is minimal change. Customers with existing valid certificates from the Trustis Healthcare SSL service may continue to use these certificates until they expire, without any disruption or concern.

These SSL Certificates meet the very high standards demanded by the NHS and are easy to acquire if you are a registered NHS organisation. NHS personnel vet all SSL Certificate applications and once approved, the process of acquiring a certificate is simple and quick. Furthermore, you still don't need to pay online because we will invoice your organisation after you purchase, via Purchase Order (or Credit/Debit Card if you prefer).

What you need

To use this service, you must be registered with the NHS Address Registration Service.

To apply, you will require a Purchase Order Number. Along with this, please send the following information to applications@trustis.com:

Company Name
Company Address
Contact Name
Contact eMail Address
Contact Phone Number

Once we receive this you will be sent an enrolment link. Once the enrolment process is successful, you will then be given access to a portal where you can easily retrieve and manage your certificates.


Single Site

1 Year Healthcare SSL Certificate £150 + VAT

2 Year Healthcare SSL Certificate £250 + VAT


1 Year Healthcare Wildcard SSL Certificate £450 + VAT

2 Year Healthcare Wildcard SSL Certificate £750 + VAT

You can secure multiple websites with a single SSL-Server Wildcard Certificate. A wildcard certificate is a cost effective and efficient means of securing all sub domains without the need to manage multiple certificates.

Example - An organisation hosting a single domain name but with different sub domains:


We can support certificates with multiple Subject Alternative Names (SAN) if required.

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