When you need a solution that relies upon a complex technology like PKI, trust in your supplier is essential. Trustis has been building and hosting digital encryption infrastructures for clients since 1998 and is a company upon which you can rely.


We are recruiting and have the following vacancy

PRINCIPAL SECURITY CONSULTANT (PKI and related technologies)

We seek a highly skilled, experienced security consultant who has extensive experience with PKI and related technologies such as directories, HSMs, smart cards etc. and is able to support all aspects of identity and access management projects. The successful candidate will be able to liaise with customers, coordinate and manage projects and operate in a senior position.

Applicants should have skills in and experience with multiple PKI technologies and demonstrate extensive knowledge of security principles. The candidate shall have a relevant numerate degree and a supplementary specialist qualification such as CISSP or MCSE will be an advantage.

For more information visit our careers page or to apply, email us with your CV at enquiries@trustis.com

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Having probably built and managed more PKIs in the UK than any other organisation, Trustis has verifiable experience in all mainstream PKI products including: -

Entrust ®
Microsoft Certificate
Services ®
RSA Certificate
Manager ®
OpenTrust ®
Thales ®
SafeNet ®

Our PKI Builder ® programme enables fast, efficient, low risk, low cost implementation for organisations wishing to develop a PKI.



Trustis has been manufacturing digital certificates from its Certificate Factory ® since 1998.

Standards are an essential part of our approach to services and Certificate Factory is tScheme approved and ISO27001 accredited.

We can build, host and manage PKIs on behalf of our customers from our high security Trust Service Centre and we also run Certificate schemes for organisations which supply certificates to their chosen communities.



Trustis has a team of experts to help organisations to develop security and trust solutions.

Areas of expertise include:-

  • PKI design and build
  • Digital Certificates
  • Smart Cards
  • Trust and Security Policy
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Secure Application Integration
  • Security Quality management
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Online Encryption Experts

Trustis has been a market leader in the development of online encryption and data protection for many years. Our expertise covers the gamut of PKI (public key infrastructure) development. We not only provide PKI products and solutions but we maintain PKI hosting at our secure data centre in Berkshire. Our talented software development team maintain our encryption products and techniques at forefront of the PKI industry.

PKI Hosting

Not only must the encryption software be safe from hackers and industrial espionage, but the hardware behind the system must be physically safe from intrusion and sabotage. Our PKI hosting is delivered from a building originally designed as a nuclear bunker. From here we deliver our Digital Certificate services, SSL certificates, secure email, etc. Our PKI experts create Strong Authentication software and deliver it from a strong data centre.

Digital Signatures and digital signing

Digital signing / digital signature is a technology that proves to your associates that the communications they are receiving have been sent and approved by you. Digital certification ensures that no third party can purport to be you. This can be very important if you send sensitive information over the internet. If the email is sent as an Encrypted Secure Email, it can only be opened and read by persons to whom you have sent your public key. Our certificate factory create the digital certificates that are unique to you.

SSL secure socket layer encrytion technology

SSL certificates, such as those that we supply to the NHS, allow for end to end encryption over the internet. The users browser receives and decodes encrypted data and displays the decoded data to the user. When the user sends data back to the web server, the browser again uses our SSL technology to encrypt the data before it is sent over the Internet. Anyone intercepting the data will see only encrypted data. The strong encryption used makes sure that the communication is extremely secure. Naturally the NHS has a requirement to send sensitive data over the Internet and requires that even if the data goes astray it will not be of use in the wrong hands. Our encryption technology is used by banks, central and local government and private industry to ensure that data they send is secure.

PKI Consulting

Trustis are happy to discuss your PKI requirements and act as PKI consultants in order to meet your specific digital encryption requirements. Whether it is secure email with digital signing or end to end encryption over the web for public networks or private intranent and VPN virtual private networks , Trustis can provide you with a secure digital encryption solution. Talk to our PKI consultants today for experts advice.

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LRQA ISO 27001 approved